CKI Mentor/Mentee Applications
Hello HELLO! If you're interested in becoming a mentor or mentee then you're in the right place. 💥

The mentor and mentee system is where you can either be a mentor or mentee. You can only choose to be one at a time, so you cannot apply to be both a mentor and mentee in the same semester. A mentor is someone who guides you through life, school, or Circle K in general. They would be someone you can reach out to and be a friendly face to talk to. A mentee is someone who is looking to be picked up under a mentor's wing and have an easier and more fun time through college! If you answer the questions in your best detail then you will be more successfully paired up with your best mentor/mentee! c:

Applications close 💕THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH MIDNIGHT💕! If you submit late then there is a smaller chance of being paired. You MUST be a dues-paid member to take part of this program!

Mentor/Mentee and Family Reveals will happen 💕MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM DURING THE GENERAL MEETING IN ROOM LA4-120 AT THE END💕. Try your best to show up and meet everyone!
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