EFN Finance and Operations Manager
Thanks for applying for our Finance and Operations Manager role! Please send your CV to emma@greenfunders.org and answer the following four questions as succinctly as you can. We recommend that you prepare your answers elsewhere and then copy and paste them here as the form does not allow you to save and return to your work. The deadline to respond is Wednesday 3 March 2021.

Your answers will go through our sift process: all answers will be anonymised, randomised and then reviewed by a panel of reviewers.

If you are shortlisted, we’ll invite you to the next step, which involves a two-stage interview process. Currently we have windows set aside for first-stage interviews during the week commencing 15 March 2021.
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EFN has a budget template that was created several years ago in Excel. We’ve moved to Xero for our book-keeping and struggle to combine data from both in a simple and helpful way. Xero (as far as we can tell) does not let us create budgets and then show actual income and expenditure in each line item for comparison to the budget, so we tend to export data from Xero and then spend time updating each line item in Excel, which takes time and leaves room for mistakes, especially because the categories used in each do not line up perfectly. How would you go about streamlining this process? Include in your answer what kinds of information you think we need to manage our finances effectively. *
It's been a busy week and it's now late on your last working day of the week. You have four things you have yet to get to. You only have time to do two of the tasks on your list. Which two do you choose to do and why? Your to-do list includes: ((a)) Cash flow forecast. There is a board meeting in ten days and the cash flow forecast is needed to send out with the board papers. You have already prepared the other financial information they need. ((b)) Policies. You had previously identified that EFN's reimbursement policy is missing some key elements and needs to be revised. ((c)) Finance/fundraising. A proposal to a major foundation is due in a week and we need up-to-date management accounts to share with them. ((d)) Compliance task. Our annual report to the Charity Commission is due in a month and we have not yet received what we need from the accountants. *
This role will be responsible for making sure that the charity has all the right policies in place, related to governance, financial oversight, staff management, and so on, and that the policies are being implemented and updated when needed. How will you find out what policies we need to have? How will you go about developing any policies the organisation is missing and understanding how well current policies are implemented? *
Our mission is focused on environmental philanthropy and we have a strong interest in the intersection of environmental and social issues. Is there a story that’s been in the news in the last year that helps illustrate your own interest in these issues? What was the story about and why do you care about it? *
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