Iowa Blue Jacket Endowment Nomination
We are very excited that through a generous gift from Glenn and Ginger Sterk of Grinnell, Iowa, 12 passionate and dedicated FFA members from across our state who are unable to afford an FFA jacket of their own will now have the opportunity to receive the gift of an FFA jacket - shipped to their home, free of charge.

Glenn was the President of the Montezuma FFA Chapter for two consecutive years (1961-'62) and was able to do this while originally wearing his brother's FFA jacket! When he was finally able to earn enough to purchase his own jacket he was overcome by the sense of pride in the organization and for his family - specifically his parents! Glenn knows the positive impact this has for students and wants to ensure as many students as possible are able to reach their fullest potential by having their own FFA jacket.

Through the hours in class, time in practice before or after school or traveling to distant FFA functions, you as an FFA Advisor get to know your students very well. Some of these students have many opportunities and are able to excel naturally. There are also students who work extremely hard to develop their potential for leadership in our organization but occasionally do not have the financial means to reach their goals. Many of our FFA Advisors find themselves in this position each day and in this unique and special way, we wish to assist you and your students who need our help the most. We hope through this program to assist you and these students in a confidential way to ensure they reach their fullest potential for Premier Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success through agricultural education.

Please complete the very short form below to nominate a student who you feel is worthy of receiving a jacket and who does not have the financial means to purchase one of their own. Nominations will be kept confidential and share only with the selection committee.

The next selection will be October 15, 2019.

If your nominee is selected, the Iowa FFA Foundation will provide a Shop FFA gift card to purchase the jacket, tie/scarf and ship the jacket to the student.
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