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Thank you for joining the Beehive Collective! We are thrilled that you’re going to be a part of our efforts this year to make Raleigh a better place and to support women leaders.

If you’ve done this before, skip this paragraph. Otherwise, members of the Beehive Collective pledge at least 0.5% of their annual income to the hive. If a member does not work or works at home caring for family, we suggest a minimum contribution of $100. If you have questions about dues or the amount, please contact Anna Bryant at or Katy Dunne at Your donation is tax deductible through the Triangle Community Foundation.

In addition to your financial contribution, you may consider joining a committee. It is not required that you join a committee to be a Bee, but we welcome everyone’s talent and contributions.

Branding Committee: Responsible for keeping our membership connected to each other and creating a cohesive message across our media platforms. They’re responsible for engaging current members and keeping them informed about the Bees. We’re shifting how we think and communicate with the community about philanthropy and this committee will shape that message. Co-Chairs: Toni Chester: and Sara King Tomberlin:

Grants Committee: Develops our general values and specific criteria for grant making from designing a grant making process to soliciting proposals from local organizations. The Grants Committee reviews all proposals and presents finalist applications to the full membership for a vote. In short: administer and give away money! If you like money, nonprofits, and reading, this might be the committee for you. Co-Chairs: Margaret Griffin: and Kate Brandon Sutton:

Bee Ball Committee: Help plan the best party in Raleigh! The Bee Ball is the Beehive Collective's major fundraiser, and offers a lot of opportunities for involvement and leadership. If you like event coordination, have cool connections in the area, and/or are creative and organized, this could be your committee. Chair: Tatyana Kelly: and Sarah Ferguson:

Women's Leadership Committee: Takes an active, year-round role in promoting the Beehive's mission of inspiring new women leaders. This committee leads the Kick Ass Ladies Club and associated events, as well as exploring ways to identify and encourage women leaders from all communities, cultures, and backgrounds. Chair: Jennifer Spencer

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Members of the Beehive Collective pledge at least 0.5% of their annual income to the hive.
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