Organisation Participation Form - Science in the City 2021
For ten years, Science in the City has been building bridges between researchers and artists to organise a night of wonder in Valletta, as part of European Researchers’ Night. With over 30,000 visitors every year, as well as 20,000 views during this 2020's online festival, it is a fantastic opportunity for scientists and artists to collaborate and get creative. Every year we look for new and exciting ways to engage citizens with science and arts. Dazzling artworks, inspired by Malta’s most relevant research, have become synonymous with the festival’s magenta logo.

Science in the City 2020 was about Engaging, Empowering and Enabling citizens through science and the arts to equip citizens with creativity, innovation and critical thinking, introducing a spark of freedom and the promise of progress into the world of human action. For next year’s festival, we are expanding on that theme and ensuring that it takes root in our society: Science in the City 2021- Sowing Seeds! (Weekend starting 24th September 2021)

Sowing Seeds is more than just about introducing an element of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) among researchers and citizens. It’s about enabling citizens to take an active role in shaping their future. As always in Science in the City, we do it through the arts. RRI focuses on ensuring all citizens take responsibility for their future, and through the added element of citizen science, we hope to bring industry, government, citizens and researchers together to address the problems we face as a nation and as citizens of this world.

If you and your organisation would like to be involved in this year's festival please kindly fill out the form below.

This form is open to any organisation from a group of individuals to NGOs, companies and government organisations. Companies are required to provide sponsorship. Email us on for more information.

Many thanks,
The Science in the City Team

PLEASE NOTE: This is a registration of interest and will be followed up in June and July by our team.
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We accept any subject area from social sciences to health, as long as it is backed up by peer-reviewed research.
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Please write down any ideas you may have about getting involved, please be as creative and interactive as possible. We are looking for stand-up comedy, hands on interactive experiments, performing arts and other activities that engage and involve people in research and your work. We will help to develop these ideas with you if accepted.
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Please write down any ideas you may have about getting involved through digital content. We will be conducting a hybrid festival and it would be great to have your activities available to citizens online as well as in person. Events that worked well last year were Online panel discussions, Pre-recorded performances/videos followed by Q&A's, Fishbowl discussions and an Online escape room! Again, the more interactive and engaging the better!
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