FunFlight 2019 Pilot Registration
Thank you for registering your interest to participate in FunFlight Day on Saturday 27 July or Saturday 26 October, we look forward to having you on board.

Once you have filled in this form, the FunFlight Events Team will review your application and confirm your participation.

Registration close dates:


Special consideration applications close date Friday 28 June, 5:00pm
Pilot registration close date Wednesday 24 July, 5:00pm


Special consideration applications close date Friday 27 July, 5:00pm
Pilot registration close date Wednesday 23 October, 5:00pm

If you do not meet the minimum requirements below, please proceed to fill out the form and the FunFlight Events team will send you a special consideration form for your aero club or instructor to sign and vouch for you.

Contact us at or 1800 808 857 if you have any questions.

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3 x Takeoffs and 3 x Landings in past 90 days OR Sign off by a qualified flying instructor or CASA Authorised Testing Officer that the pilot has had a check flight in the past 30 days *
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Acknowledgment of Terms and Conditions
By ticking this box, I the pilot, agree to all terms, conditions and regulations outlined in the Events Manual and other relevant documentation relating to pilots, available on the website. I acknowledge and confirm that all details I have supplied are correct and entered in full and I confirm that any insurances, mechanical or maintenance requirements are or will be met prior to my participation in any FunFlight event. *
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