CCSMS 2020-21 School Year Family Choice Form
Thank you for taking the time to help us plan for the coming school year. Your thoughts and responses to the previous survey helped shape many of our decisions. We look forward to starting on August 18th.

Please complete one form for each scholar you have enrolled at CCSMS, so we can plan for grade levels and courses specifically based on needs.

If you would like to choose the CCSD Virtual Academy option you must complete this by Monday, August 3rd. Your child will stay enrolled with us, but we need to help you register. They will start school on September 8, 2020.

We will continue to follow all guidance for public schools in our area. Our first day of school will be on August 18, 2020 from a safe distance.
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Please complete one survey for each child you will have enrolled with CCSMS for the 2020-21 school year.
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Selecting an option that is right for your family and scholar
Here are the current plans we will move through together in Safer Phases for our CCSMS scholars and families who plan on joining us on campus this school year based on medical experts and data:

-Temporary Remote Mode: We plan to start on August 18, 2020 with all of our scholars learning from a distance in “temporary remote mode” based on the current trends in COVID-19 for our area.

- Hybrid: When it is safe to do so, we will have a hybrid option with alternating A and B days, see the chart in the email. Our A and B days will be aligned with the District’s and they are aligning families on the same days. Most scholars will be on campus 2 days a week and learning remotely 3 days a week.

- Closer to 100% On Campus: When it becomes safe to do so, we would welcome for more of our scholars to join us on campus for 5 days a week we will make that transition from hybrid to what will look more like a “normal” schedule with some scholars still learning remotely.

We will have some CCSMS families who choose to stay in a virtual learning environment all year or for parts of the year. We have two options for our scholars and they both allow the scholar to stay enrolled at CCSMS:

- Distance Learning Option A - The CCSMS Distance Learning Option: Scholars are served by CCSMS teachers and continue to stay in courses paced with their peers during the year. They will be able to come back into the hybrid or traditional model with some simple steps. We will have some scholars who need to quarantine or be out for extended periods unexpectedly and will be able to transition in and out of this option, as needed.

- Distance Learning Option B - The CCSD Virtual Academy: Scholars are served by non-CCSMS teachers and are on a different schedule than CCSMS. You will be able to select the CCSD Virtual Option on the form we are providing if that is your choice, we will then help you get enrolled for their program which is planning to start on September 8, 2020. Any scholar taking a High School Course with CCSD’s Virtual Academy will need to complete those courses prior to transitioning back into CCSMS classes. Middle School scholars will be able to transition out at the end of each CCSD quarter back into CCSMS. We will work with families to support these transitions and to get your registered with CCSD.
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Please share thoughts, concerns, or questions you have about next school year.
Thank you for completing this survey.
If you have additional scholars, please complete one survey for each scholar so we can plan by grade level.
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