Membership Application Form 2020-21 Canberra Seed Savers Cooperative
The primary activities of the Canberra Seed Savers Co-operative include:
*Growing, saving and sharing seeds among Co-operative members: creating a “living seed bank” (a shared wealth of food seeds for Co-operative members to access according to contribution to the Cooperative).
*Educating, encouraging and supporting local and regional growing, saving and sharing of seeds.
*Promoting seed saving growing from seed and stewardship of locally grown, open pollinated seeds.
*Undertaking community projects with other organisations, including government and businesses, which support the development of a local seed economy, seed banks and seed libraries.
*Selling seeds to raise funds for the activities of the Co-operative.

*The Cooperative is not for profit and non-distributing with no share capital. Members benefit from access to the shared seed bank, education, events and support to establish projects that meet the purposes of the Co-operative. Members elect directors to the Board which has the capacity to make decisions about how the activities of the Cooperative are carried out.

Canberra Seed Savers can be contacted via email:
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Active membership requires: payment of the annual membership fee, and acting in a way that supports the purposes and primary activities of the Coop.
Thanks for applying to join Canberra Seed Savers Cooperative!
Once you fill in this form, we will send you an email with bank account details. Please make a direct deposit to the bank account. The Cooperative Board considers and approves membership applications and adds new members to the membership register at the end of each month. Canberra Seed Savers collects your personal information for the purposes of maintaining our membership register and facilitating membership involvement in the Cooperative. Your personal details will not be disclosed to any third parties without your permission or unless required by law.
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