2020-2021 Journalism Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our journalism team!
Please be sure to have all of your information ready.
The application CAN NOT be changed after you hit SUBMIT

**Please put the email address you check most frequently**

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Email Ms. Merki-Castro at mmerki@cnusd.k12.ca.us or visit us in E103.

Visit our website at www.therooseveltreview.org and follow us on Instagram/Twitter @rooseyreview.
Requirements - MUST READ
Our newspaper needs creative, goal-driven, involved students who are interested in seeing the publication of quality journalism! Before you begin filling out this form, you must be sure that you meet the requirements of a member of The Roosevelt Review.

You MUST be able to:
1. Take the newspaper class – during 4th period
2. Meet weekly deadlines
3. Have access to social media
4. Work well with a team and follow direction from leadership
5. Spend time outside of class to work on the newspaper
6. Take the responsibility seriously

Being a member of The Roosevelt Review is an honor, you must be willing to uphold our reputation and go the “extra mile” to make this newspaper a success. You should have dedication and passion to exhibit our school motto of being the best at getting better.

As a journalist in this class, you will be a recorder of the truth and subject to the Society of Journalism Code of Ethics; you must be a constant example of dignity, responsibility, and integrity. With this in mind, if you are willing to make the school newspaper a priority in your extracurricular life, please fill out the information below.
SECTION 1: Student Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Email address *
Phone Number *
Nickname (if applicable)
Gender you identify with *
Student ID Number *
Incoming Grade (Grade NEXT school year) *
CURRENT period 4 teacher name & classroom number *
Required answer for ERHS students ONLY. If you are a Ramirez or River Heights student, please answer N/A.
Current Accumulative Weighted GPA *
What activities would you most be interested in? Please select up to THREE. *
Are you interested in a leadership position in journalism? *
This is not a definitive commitment, we will train all future officers. (Leadership roles: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations)
SECTION 2: Short Response Questions
Please keep responses concise, but remember to fully answer each prompt in one to two paragraphs.
Do you enjoy writing/creating? Explain your response. *
Do you view yourself as an organized person? Explain what qualities you have that make you so. *
Do you have any background in journalism? *
Explain specifically why you want to be a member of The Roosevelt Review. Discuss why you would be an asset to our newspaper team. Also, discuss your strengths AND weaknesses so that we can showcase your work in a way that suits your talents. *
This is an A-G approved elective course. What elective are you willing to change so you may be enrolled in journalism?
Please note that if you do not pass the first semester of the course with at least a C, you will be removed from the class and placed in an alternate choice for an elective.
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