Park Photography Survey
There's nothing more frustrating than when you get home from an amazing national park vacation, only to find out your photos are all blurry, out of focus, or overexposed. Am I right?

This fall we're developing a series of articles for about taking better national park photos. We need your help to make these posts the BEST information on the web about national park photography.

Tell us what you think would be the most helpful things to know about taking photos when you're in the national parks! Everyone that responds to our survey by Sunday July 21, 2019 at 5 pm CST will be entered to win a FREE digital edition my "50 Things to Know About Tent Camping!" - To Read the Official Giveaway rules visit:

Thanks for sharing with us!
- Amy
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2. When you travel to a national park, what do you typically take photos with? (Check all that apply) *
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4. When you get home from a trip, what do you most often do with the photos you take? *
5. If you could ask a professional photographer one question about national park photography, what would it be? *
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