Leadership Gainesville 47 Application 2020
The Leadership Gainesville (LG) program is a 10-month community leadership series designed to develop the skills leaders need to excel, but the program is just the beginning. Joining the Leadership Gainesville family means joining a group of community leaders including small business owners, politicians and nonprofit heads. The program includes a combination of in-depth issue seminars and skills development designed to enhance self-awareness of leadership approaches. The program provides community immersion experiences and advanced skill development which enable participants to explore critical issues in Gainesville’s business environment.

In 1974 the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce (then known as the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce) launched the very first Leadership program in the State of Florida. As the oldest leadership program in the state of Florida, LG has graduated more than 1,800 participants ranging from homemakers to senators.

Today, Leadership Gainesville is the single most unique opportunity for emerging and existing leaders to build, collaborate, and steward a vibrant, interconnected community in the Greater Gainesville region. The program identifies, educates and develops leadership skills in approximately 50 individuals each year following a competitive application process. The goals are simple:

- EXPAND leadership potential
- IMPROVE communications between present and future leaders
- INSPIRE new leaders to tackle tough community challenges in an informed and responsible manner.

If you want a deeper connection to the community and believe leadership is an investment worth making in your career and civic stewardship, Leadership Gainesville is for you!

•Limit longer questions to 500 Characters
• Your attached resume and cover letter provide a chance for our selection committee to get to know you a little better.
•One letter of recommendation will be accepted as part of the application.
•A letter of support must be submitted by your current supervisor and/or employer upon acceptance into the program.
•Completed Application and $25 application fee must be submitted by June 5th 2020. Applications received after this date will not be eligible for the 2020-2021 class.
• The $25 application fee will be invoiced upon receipt of application and is due immediately.
•Tuition is $1995.00 and due in-full by July 16th, 2020. Payment options are available. Please see Payment section below.
•Application questions can be directed to: Joe@gainesvillechamber.com
•Accepted applicants will be notified by June 12th 2020.

•Application to LG is open to persons living within the Greater Gainesville region.
•Applicants must represent a Chamber-member business.
•Class size will not exceed 52 members.
•Class members are chosen by a selection committee on their own merit based upon the information completed on the application.
•Nominees must have the full support of the organization they represent.
•Attendance at monthly sessions is mandatory.
•Commitment to participate in volunteer activities.
•Commit and agree to participate in the planning and execution of one session for the next class (LG48, 2021/2022). To be determined at Program Recap post graduation.
•In reviewing applications, the selection committee looks for potential participants who demonstrate the following:
- Commitment and motivation to serve Gainesville and the region in a volunteer capacity.
- Policy shaping responsibility or position of leadership in employment and/or volunteer organizations resulting in the potential to have significant influence on important issues facing the community.
- Ability to make the time commitment required by the program.
- Previous volunteer experience.

June 5, 2020 - Application and Application Fee for Class 47 Close
June 12, 2020 - All Applicants Notified
June 30, 2020 - Class 47 Announced
July 16, 2020 - All Tuition Payments Due in Full
July 30 (or) 31, 2020 (to be confirmed) - Class 47 Meet & Greet (mandatory)
August 1-2, 2020 - Opening Retreat (mandatory)
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**please send a copy of resume including most up to date employment and volunteer information, and your letter of recommnedation to: GGCCprograms@gmail.com *
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What organizations or volunteer activities are you interested in pursuing in the future? *
Have you completed a leadership program in the past? Why do you want to participate in the LG program? *
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In your opinion, what are the three most notable opportunities in the Greater Gainesville Region? *
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All payments are due in full by 1 WEEK PRIOR TO OPENING WEEKEND
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An invoice(s) will be created for tuition and billed in the amounts indicated below upon acceptance into the LG program. You are not responsible for the tuition payment until you have been accepted. All Tuition is due in full by July 16, 2020. Tuition payed in installments include a convenience fee.
Sponsoring Organization/Business *
"Sponsoring Organization" means that they are the party responsible for the cost of tuition. This might be your current employer or another organization. Please say NA if not applicable and you are the responsible party.
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Do you need to apply for a partial LGAA Scholarship? (if you indicate yes, your name and contact will be shared the LGAA board for further questions) *
Please note that the LGAA Scholarship does not cover the entire tuition and participants will still be responsible for any remaining amount due.
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_ Resume Attached
_ Complete Application
_ Letter of Recommendation
_ Program Payment Details
_ $25 Application Fee
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