2018 Flower CSA Sign-up
Thank you for your interest in our farm's flowers!

We promise a truly unique, handcrafted and locally sourced floral design that will be a feast for your senses. We offer a steady, luminous supply of vibrant seasonal cuts and wildcrafted blooms grown with love and care from our farm to your vase! Our CSA shares have sold out early every since 1993, so sign up today!

Please take a moment to answer the following questions about your membership and pick-up preference for the 2018 season. We accept check payments in person and/or through the mail or check/cash payment in person. Upon completion of this form, please mail payment to:

Hilltop Community Farm
431 N Baldwin St.
Madison, WI 53703

Some CSA members may choose to share their membership with another individual or family. If this is the case, please make sure to include all their information at the bottom of this form!

As part of our farm, you get to experience the season's flower phenology and we are edified and enriched by the experiences you have in enjoying and learning about what we grow. Because we know one another, as your Farmer Florist, I feel personally responsible for your well-being and you - are able to know, see, and experience the place that provides your flowers from farm to vase. Your financial support early in the season supplies funds for seed and other inputs which we would otherwise have to borrow from a bank were we growing for the open market. As a result we can eliminate the interest-cost of production loans. All in all we find the CSA relationship more satisfying than selling to a wholesaler who must primarily be concerned with vase life rather than how your flowers are grown and personal connection.

For more information on our farm, visit our website: hilltopcommunityfarm.org or call us at 608-257-6729. I am always happy to talk flowers with you!

We look forward to growing for you.

Yours in hardy kiwi,

Erin Schneider, Farmer Florist
Co-owner of Hilltop Community Farm
La Valle, WI

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Flower CSA Options
We offer seasonal and monthly Flower CSA options. Our flowers are grown organically amidst the prairie fields, hills, fruit trees, food forests and hedgerows of our farm in La Valle, WI. We specialize in vibrant fresh-from-the-garden floral designs that engage the senses, inspire and reflect a natural, romantic, and wild aesthetic.

As your farmer florist, you have the benefits of knowing how your flowers are grown, by whom, and where.
Your flowers are picked and bouquets designed within a day of delivery to ensure peak freshness.

Each bouquet is thoughtfully designed and reflects our love, knowledge, and experiences in agroecology combined with an equal appreciation of poetry and pollinators. We also share a flower calendar, stories, field notes, and tips for extending vase life with our clients and CSA members. Members are welcome to visit the farm at any time (just give us a call so we can expect you!) as part of an event, or just to relax and unwind in the flower fields.

Sample of an August Bouquet - we offer seasonal and monthly bouquets.
Seasonal Flower Share *
*Enjoy fresh, and original flower bouquet deliveries. Plan for 10 bi-weekly deliveries in the season from June - September. Bouquets are sized to quart mason jar vases. You will pick up your flowers at the same location you pick up your vegetables. Price is just $235
Monthly Flower Share *
*Enjoy 4 vibrant, fresh and original flower bouquets once/month June - September. Bouquets are sized to quart mason jar vases. You will pick up your flowers at the same location you pick up your vegetables. Price is just $100
Meet your Farmer Florist...
As your farmer florist, I believe the care, quality, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability, in growing your flowers make our bouquets luminous. For me, bouquet making is an expression of my love for the Earth and the opportunity to share this love with others.

I left the non-profit world and started farming at Hilltop Community Farm, in 2007 and have steadfastly grown and carved my niche as resident Farmer Florist and Fruit Forester. I never anticipated my farm focus would embrace so many F-words! Ask me if I set out to be a farmer, I would give you a smile and a blank stare. My mother would tell you I wanted to be a surgeon in New York City. Instead, I've settled on a different sort of health care provider role. I can't deny my agrarian roots and it's great to be back home (I grew up in rural Reedsburg!) and have spent many a childhood hour 'dead-heading the zinnias' watching ants pollinate peony petals, pulling weeds and singing songs about picking potato beetles with my sister. I guess this stuck as I went on to dig miles of holes surveying soils in Alaska, plant thousands of fruit trees and native plants from the NW to the Midwest, direct and manage NGO's, and help teach/collaborate with other women farmers in Wisconsin and throughout the world. I've since settled into a life of growing from my roots and enjoy the beauty, balance, and peak expression I find in working with fresh flowers I have a hand in growing.

Happiness is a field of dahlias. For me, Bouquet making is an expression of my love for nature and I love to share this with my Clients and CSA members.
Sample mid-summer bouquet
Where would you like to Pick - up your flowers? *
Based on member feedback, we have changed pick-up days from Sunday to Thursday for all of our flower CSA deliveries. Please let us know your your pick-up location preference. As a small-scale farm, we have the capacity to support deliveries one day a week and appreciate your flexibility. You will receive further details about pick-up dates, time and site host information when you sign up.
Payment Preferences *
Summary of Flower Options. Seasonal - $235. Monthly option - $100
Mail payment to:
Hilltop Community Farm
c/o Erin Schneider
431 N Baldwin St.
Madison, WI 53703

or pay via credit card at our on-line store at: https://squareup.com/store/hilltop-community-farm

A bouquet of early Summer flower love
Member Agreement *
As a CSA member, you are truly a shareholder in your local farm economy: you connect with your community, support local farmers and voice your right to have good, healthy food and flower products. Our primary goals as CSA farmers is to provide you the highest quality, most beautiful flowers we can grow. We will try our best to make your bouquets as valuable to you as your membership is to us! Many circumstances are beyond our control, and in the event of a partial or complete crop failure from weather or pests, bouquets may vary somewhat in size and color, but should average out to being at or above market value. *By filling out this form, you have agreed to share the risk and rewards of our farm. CSA membership is a commitment. If you can't complete the season as members, for whatever reason, you are welcome to reassign your share to another household. In general, we do not issue refunds for shares. If you forget to pick up your bouquet by delivery day, it will be donated. Keep a copy of your membership info. Read the newsletters and emails from the farm. You'll find important announcements, tips and news. Enjoy, celebrate, and share in the season's higlights, community your concerns.I look forward to growing for you and enjoy your flowers!
Flowers for you and for the bees
Second Member Household
Are you sharing your CSA with another individual or family? If so, please complete the following four questions for the second household. Please be aware that members who are splitting a share are responsible for coordinating this on their own and picking up an entire share.
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Thank you!
We are excited to grow flowers for you this season! and will be in touch with details as the season is underway!
With gratitude, Erin Schneider
We look forward to sharing the infinite possibilities of seasonal flower combinations with you!
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