GMK Shanshui 山水 Interest Check
GMK Shanshui is a white-on-black Cherry profile keycap set designed to capture both the enduring shanshui images of the Lijiang and the essence of the uniquely Chinese artform of shanshuihua, practiced by artists in China and around the world. Designed by Grundlemere of Fort Stevens Mercantile, conceived and rendered by NathanAlphaMan of Alpha Design.

Base keys are molded in GMK stock CR black, with legends rendered in crisp stock WS1, matching existing WoB sets and kits, and compatible with other monochrome Cherry profile keys. The base kit offers sublegends in Cangjie, while modifiers are rendered in Simplified Chinese + icons—the first GMK legends in true Chinese characters.

GMK山水是一款黑白相间的Cherry轮廓键帽,旨在捕获漓江山水的持久图像和山水画独特的中国艺术形式的精髓,中国和世界各地的艺术家都在实践。 由Fort Stevens Mercantile的Grundlemere设计,由Alpha Design的NathanAlphaMan构思和渲染。

基本钥匙是用GMK普通CR黑色模制而成的,图例由GMK普通WS1白色制成,它与现有的黑白相间套件匹配,并且与其他单色Cherry轮廓钥匙键帽。 基本套件提供了仓颉的子图例,修饰符以简体中文和图标显示,这是第一个使用真实汉字的GMK图例。
Concept render of GMK Shanshui Cangjie monolegend alphas on grey J-01
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