The 10X Accelerator, August 2018
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FNB - proud champions of Entrepreneurship in SA - are sponsoring an elite cohort of fast growth businesses on the 10X Accelerator Program. The 10X Accelerator is an 18-month program to help elite entrepreneurs who’re 10X-ing their business! If you qualify, you’ll receive immeasurably valuable assistance from the 10X Accelerator team, that will put your business on a higher growth trajectory.
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Who should apply?
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You are a strong candidate if you’re a high calibre team, your business is innovative and has massive growth potential, has a lot of traction (no longer a start-up, has product-market fit, and a scalable business model), and is growing fast. But you also need to benefit from our help. *The businesses that derive most benefit from our Program tend to have between 15 and 100 employees, and are now experiencing the normal growing pains that come with growing a business around a successful product / service. In a nutshell, our 5 criteria for selection are:

1. Traction: no longer a start-up; >R10M revenue; >10 headcount; proven product-market fit, and scalable business model
2. Team: Founder-led business; team of 3 or more senior leaders; impressive track records; complimentary skills
3. 10X-able: Chasing a big opportunity with an innovative offering and a ‘secret weapon’ / ‘magic formula’
4. Transitioning: From a small entrepreneurial team to a large team that needs to be well managed. Experiencing ‘Growing Pains’. ‘Computer workers’ headcount >5 and growing fast
5. Trustworthy: (respectful, teachable, humble leaders with a commitment and reputation for doing good, with integrity)

Bring your A-Game!
This application will be used to make sure that if you’re selected, the 10X Accelerator will deliver remarkable value to you because the Program focuses on the kinds of major challenges you’ll face over the next 18 months. If it does, we will surround you with amazing business leaders, tools and knowledge with the mission of shifting you from a 3X trajectory to a 10X trajectory!

While you will be tempted to rush completion, please provide detailed and insightful answers. You are up against stiff competition, and will simply not be selected unless you provide the insights into why your business is differentiated, driven by a high calibre team, and therefore positioned for growth.

Application deadline
Please complete your application before 1st July to be considered. The kick off date for the Accelerator Program is the 20th August. Winners will be announced by 31 July. This application process should take you approx. 45 minutes.

Happy Scaling!

The 10X Team

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