Senior Packet 2021 for Saga Yearbook
Please fill out this packet and submit it by Friday, September 18, 2020. YOUR NAME MUST BE ON THIS OR IT WILL BE THROWN AWAY!

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Part A – The Basics: Full Name (First Middle Last): *
What sticks out the most to you from your high school years? For example, what is a valuable lesson you learned or something you are most proud of? (no more than 20 words) This will go underneath your senior portrait in the yearbook.
Part B – Who’s Who Directions: Choose one senior girl and one senior boy who you believe well fits the given category. Please think of the entire senior class and try not to repeat. Most likely to have lots of zeros in their paycheck. Senior girl_________________________________________ Senior boy ________________________________________
Most likely to have the best stats on their sports team. Senior girl________________________________________ Senior boy_______________________________________
Most likely to recite the first 50 digits of pi. Senior girl____________________________________________ Senior boy_____________________________________
Most likely to have a big family in the future. Senior girl____________________________________________ Senior boy______________________________________
Most likely to overexagger8. Senior girl__________________________________________ Senior boy____________________________________
Couple most likely to be together for infinity/together forever. Senior girl_________________________________ Senior boy_________________________________________
Clumsiest. Senior girl________________________________ Senior boy_______________________________________________
Most likely to have their name mispronounced. Senior girl_______________________________________________ Senior boy________________________________________
Most likely to wear pajamas for Zoom conference calls. Senior girl__________________________________________ Senior boy_________________________________________
Most likely to wear the most PPE (personal protective equipment). Senior girl______________________________ Senior boy______________________________________________
Most likely to volunteer abroad. Senior girl_______________________________________________ Senior boy________________________________________
Most likely to have their microphone on by accident during a Zoom call. Senior girl______________________________________ Senior boy___________________________________________
Most likely to get lots of college degrees. Senior girl_______________________________________________ Senior boy________________________________________
Bring me home to mom and dad. Senior girl_______________________________________________ Senior girl_________________________________________
Part C – Senior Index Directions: Please check the activities you have participated in or plan to participate in during your four years of high school. Select the years you were a participant.
Anime Club
NAHS (art)
V Baseball
JV Baseball
V basketball
JV basketball
V b-ball cheer
JV b-ball cheer
Beta Club
blood drive
Chess Team/Board Game Club
class officer
Black Student Union
V cross country
JV cross country
Dazzling Divas
Debate Team
Drama Club/Akademos
Environmental Club
Film Club
Float building
V football
JV football
V f-ball cheer
JV f-ball cheer
French Club
French NHS
Gay-Straight Alliance/Gender & Sexualities
Habitat for Humanity
Homecoming Court
International Club
International Night
Science NHS
MD Junior
Math Team
Model UN
Naturally Beautiful
National Honor Society
Poetry Slam
Powder Puff
Prom committee
Saga Yearbook
V soccer
JV soccer
V softball
JV softball
Spanish Club
Spanish NHS
Spotlight Newspaper
Step Team
Student Council
Stunt Night
Swimming & Diving team
Turning Point USA
V tennis
JV tennis
track & field
Technology Student Association/Robotics
Ultimate frisbee
V volleyball
JV volleyball
V wrestling
JV wrestling
Writer's Circle/Runes/literary magazine
Young Physician's Initiative
Yoga Club
Young Life
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