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Welcome to the online registration form for Team Qatar.

Before you register, you may want to get more information about QatarDebate and Team Qatar. You can find a lot of information about QatarDebate at

This is open to any Qatari Citizen currently in Preparatory or Secondary school can try out. It is recommended that you are fluent in English, willing to work hard, and highly motivated. It is also very important that you have the support of your parents and school to take part.

Next year, we will be selecting students to represent Qatar in the World Schools Debate Championships in Mexico in July - August 2020, and we will also be selecting a second development team of younger debaters who will also be trained and exposed to international debating. Debaters may be required to attend additional local and international debate events.

Apply Now for an opportunity to
• Represent Qatar at the World Schools Debating Championship.
• Compete against more than 60 countries.
• Meet debaters from all over the world.
• Be trained by expert QD debate coaches for very exciting and intellectually rigorous debate competitions.

Applicants should be:
• Qatari Nationals.
• Proficient in English.
• Committed to intensive and regular training known to enhance academic performance.
• Available for weekly training
• Available for travel during summer 2020

Applicants should have:
• Parental/school approval and support
• Debate/Public speaking experience is preferred
• Good general knowledge is preferred

Please Note: Upon completion of this registration, you will be invited to attend training sessions. The team selection will tentatively happen in December. Limited Spaces are available!
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