Paws for People Application
Thank you for your interest in the Paws for People Animal Assisted Wellness Program. Please complete and submit this questionnaire and you will be contacted by the Animal Assisted Wellness coordinator to set up an interview.
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What populations are you interested in working with?
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You will need to submit proof of a current Rabies vaccine, negative fecal or proof of de-worming, and clean bill of health from your veterinarian annually.
Are you currently registered with a therapy animal organization ? If so, which one? *
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Has your animal ever show aggression towards people? *
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Which basic commands does your dog know?
Will your cat allow you to cary it and allow other to hold and pet him or her? *
Will your animal permit a stranger to touch/handle him without becoming offensive? *
Your animal will be evaluated on the above skills as well as general demeanor and temperament in the initial interview. If you feel you need to work on any of these beforehand and would like a trainer referral or information on how to practice/teach the above skills/exercises at home please let us know. We want you to be successful and would love to help!
Please note; No training/corrective equipment will be allowed during the interview, evaluations, or while visiting. This includes shock collars, pinch/prong,/or choke chains.
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