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Beta Reading files will be sent out via Email as Google Documents. Files will be sent in 25 segments. There are a total of 56 chapters plus an epilogue. That is just over 106k words
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The files will be sent to you December 1st and they need to be finished by January 1st.
What is Playgrounds and Black Markers?
Playgrounds and Black Markers is a YA themed sequel to my debut novel Dewdrops and Butterflies.

Unofficial blurb:

“‘Guys like you aren’t supposed to do that.’
I grinned, thumbs tucked into the pockets of my black jeans. He was right.
‘I guess…’ I propped a foot up on the bench where he sat,
still looking over the park behind him.
‘I’m not like guys like me.’”

Jake Jett’s life was perfectly planned out. Graduate school, apply for college and get his degree. Follow his brother’s footsteps and ignore the question in his mind. It was supposed to be enough for him. After all, wasn’t that what his dad would have wanted? When his old childhood friend and enemy stumbles back into his life, he finds himself questioning his artificial contentment. How did she have so much hope?

Rose Wells now lives her life out as a Johnson. An older sister, a high school graduate, and a teenager trying to navigate life in a way that doesn’t hurt people. Finding Jake again pulls up a dedication to take care of the boy, even if he avoids her at all costs.

When hearts get in the way, confusion settles on everyone involved. With life as complicated as it is, leaving the steps and the outcome at the throne of God is the only way to know everyone is going to be okay.
Everyone has a destiny.
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