BLW Center Survey
Bridge Lake Point Waunona Neighborhood Center is launching a campaign to a build a NEW community center, and we need your ideas!

Once you complete the survey you will become eligible for a $20 cash drawing (drawn once per month)! All ages are welcome to complete the survey. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address or your contact information in the second to last question of the survey in order to be contacted in the event that you are selected in the drawing.
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I and/or my family currently use Bridge Lake Point Waunona Neighborhood Center for: *
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If you would attend BLW Center if programs/activities were different, please describe what you would like the programs/activities to include.
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The best way(s) to reach me about activities and events at the Center include: *
The physical structure of the new BLW Center should have the following (please list): *
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Please check which, if any, of the following are of interest to you and/or your family *
If any of the above are of interest to you and you wish to be contacted in the future, please provide your name and the best way to contact you.
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Please use this space for any other ideas or information you wish to provide about the current center or the new center.
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