2019 NCTV Production Grant Application
Applications are due by midnight 4/7/19

This grant is for short narrative, documentary or experimental films. All films should include a pitch at least one page in length (approximately 500 words). When applicable, such as in the case of narrative work, please attach a completed draft of a script. Documentary submissions should include signed statements from major parties involved as to their participation. Also include a budget and timeline for your project. We do not fund music videos.

up to $2000 per project
narrative, documentary, or experimental
10-30 Minutes
one page pitch required
script may be required
budget and timeline required
documentary films should include a commitment letter

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To qualify for an NCTV grant, you must live, work, or go to school in Northampton OR the project must have a community connection to Northampton. Select all that apply: *
Community Connection to Northampton means it will be filmed here, the project references or relates to the city of Northampton, benefits the residents of Northampton, or will take place or be performed here.
If you selected that your project has a community connection, please explain here: *
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Links to Demo Reel/Previous Experience in this medium: *
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Grant recipients will be required to sign up for membership at NCTV. The fee will be waved. (http://northamptontv.org/about/membership/)
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300 words or less
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Please describe your artistic vision and stylistic approach. How will it look and feel? *
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Up to $2000
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What impact will the requested grant monies have on your project? *
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How will you measure the success of this project? What is the best possible outcome? *
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Upload Additional Materials
We encourage you to send us any materials that you think will support your grant application. A rough budget for your budget is required. Resources including blank forms and samples can be found at http://northamptontv.org/grants/
Use this upload link to submit files:
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