The New Durbah Scholarships Form
This is the official application for any Scholarships Applications for Durbah (NJ) Seminars. Each chapter runs scholarships differently, this application is for Qabeelat Durbah, the New Jersey Chapter... we can't wait to have you attend :-)

PLEASE READ (we suggest you copy the below and save it so it stays handy with you):

1) Applications for each seminar are accepted until the Monday prior to the seminar
2) In order to DISCOURAGE multiple submissions, if you apply for multiple discounts, you may not be granted any funds
3) Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will get funding
4) It is solely your responsibility to regularly sign in and pay your balance prior to the Wednesday of the seminar
5) No additional funds are granted after a scholarship is processed, which includes missing the early bird discount
6) You are expected to attend the entire seminar if you're applying for a scholarship
7) If you do not pay your balance, the funds will be removed from your account and cannot be used for a future seminar
8) Funds are non-transferable, if after receiving a scholarship and you cannot attend please email

Please make sure you are registered for the course BEFORE applying for a scholarship

Are you registered for the upcoming seminar? *
You must be registered for the seminar BEFORE you can apply for any aid. If you select "yes" and you are not actually registered you will not receive any aid, so please double check
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