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Thank you for your interest in this study. This form collects information we will use to determine your eligibility and for scheduling.

We will not share these answers with anyone outside the research team. Your participation is voluntary.
Payment for Study
If you are selected for the study, you will receive $20 for every session-hour you participate. If you withdraw early you will receive payment only for the sessions you performed. You will be paid in gift cards (probably for Apple iTunes).

Three sessions are anticipated.
One is a double session (two hour block): $40
One is a single one-on-one session: $20

If you complete all sessions and arrive at appointments on time you will receive an incentive bonus: $20.
If accepted into the study I promise to attend all sessions and accept the incentive bonus.
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Requirements of Study
In this section we will collect information we need to determine whether you can participate in this study.
Native Speaker? *
Are you a native english speaker? We define this as a person who has been living in a country that is primarily English-speaking since you are 5 years old or longer, or your parents are English native speakers and spoke English at home.
Normal Vision? *
Do you have normal binocular vision? Answer yes even if you need to wear glasses or contacts. Otherwise, please explain.
Further explanation.
If vision is not normal. Please explain.
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Can you bring a computer to the testing session? *
We will need to record your responses on a web form. Do you have a computer that you can bring to the testing session? If so, does it have access to UMB Internet?
How do you think of your reading ability? *
We are looking for people with a variety of reading abilities: Strong readers as well as those who struggle. How do you think of your reading ability?
We are looking for people with and without dyslexia. Response to this question is voluntary. (Choose best answer)
More about your reading or vision?
Please tell us anything more about your reading history. (Leave blank if nothing to add.)
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Your Schedule
Two-Hour Session (at UMB CS Dept IT-Lab) *
I am available during the following dates/times. (Select all you can attend.)
1 Hour Session (first choice) *
The one hour session will be scheduled individually, by appointment. Please check any of the times that are most likely to work for you, and we will contact you for further details.
Location for One-Hour Session
It's possible we can meet you in a location other than UMB for the one-hour session. Check preferences.
Further Questions for Now?
We will contact you with more information once we have reviewed your eligibility and schedule.
Do you have any questions, comments, or clarifications?
Leave blank if no comments or questions at this time.
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Should we invite you to Future Studies?
The answer to this will not affect your selection in this study. (Check all that apply.)
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