2018 World of Nations Food Vendor Application (USA Food & Snack Food)
Event Dates: March 2-4, 2018

- USA Food Vendor must have an "All-American" menu including, but not limited to burgers, chicken, hotdogs, or regional based cuisine in the USA.

- Snack food vendor should have a menu consisting of popcorn, cotton candy, ice snow cones, hot chocolate, cookies, ice cream, or candy.

-Vendor Fees for the 2018 World of Nations Celebration are 15% of Gross Sales. Payments can be made via cashiers check or business check only. Please make checks payable to City of Jacksonville.

-Food Vendors that are selected must meet the guidelines of The City of Jacksonville Office of Special events. Only licensed food vendors, full-service restaurants, and fast food vendors will be considered for participation in any City of Jacksonville Special Event. Please visit our website for more information. www.jaxhappenings.com/Vendors

- Please review all insurance requirements set forth by The City of Jacksonville.

-Sampling of menu may be requested upon approval of application.
-Applications Close on December 22nd. Selected vendors will be notified no later than January 4, 2018.

Questions? Please contact Jordan Brawer 904-630-3690

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