Dream Interpretation Submission
This is a short form to request an Interpretation of a dream you have had by Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne, either paid-for-private or for free which will be recorded and broadcasted by Open and Clear Reality on Youtube and other unspecified audio or video distributors. By filling out this form you agree and understand your interpretation, name and life situations that you share can and may be spoken of on the recordings for youtube and other audio or video formats regardless if it turns out embarrassing or you change your mind. You understand assumptions will be made and discussed without an ability to defend or explain yourself. If you do not want something shared, do not share it with us, however, understand it or any life event and emotional states may come up through our spiritual insights and assumptions regardless.

If you are filling this out for a personal reading please schedule first:
Paid & Private: https://calendly.com/oacr/pr
Free & Public: https://calendly.com/oacr/fr
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