NE Voices Education Assistant Manager Application
NE Voices Education Assistant Manager Duties:

- Assist with the revision and updating of the NE Voices Workshop Instructor Application form
- Assist the Educational Manager in developing vision for the educational goals of the festival and how to achieve them
- Reach out to individuals to apply / run workshops or master classes
- Assist with the selection of teachers and workshops to run from the application pool
- Assist with the development of a workshop/master class schedule
- Avoiding conflicts within the schedule (of teachers, groups, and students)
- Balancing different general topics of workshops in terms of quantities and time-of-day offered
- Analyzing feedback and data from previous years to inform scheduling decisions
- Assist with day-of events, including any shifts that occur in the day, communicating with instructors, and more.

Please apply by July 31, 2019!

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