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Project Teams are comprised of small groups of individuals who collaborate on time-bound projects that address the challenges underlying the shortage of excellent STEM teachers. Driven by partners and coordinated by 100Kin10 through in-person workshops and others supports, Project Teams offer a flexible yet structured process for learning, ideating, and implementing - together.

Back in August, we opened up the call for folks in the network to step up with ideas for our second cycle of Project Teams — a way to collaborate on bold ideas that tackle the Grand Challenges. Since then, 11 exciting projects have surfaced and are now seeking members:

+ Supporting STEM Education in Rural Communities
+ Establishing PLCs for Rural STEM Teachers and University Scientists
+ Establishing Statewide Mentor Teacher Networks
+ Examining Requirements for Math Teacher Preparation Coursework 
+ Increasing Visibility of Women in STEM
+ Developing Performance-Based Assessments in Science   
+ Developing Strategies to Advance Personally Relevant Pedagogy
+ Developing STEM Content Micro Credentials
+ Preparing Teachers for High-Needs Schools
+ Bridging the Divide Between Regional Teacher Prep Programs and K-12 Needs
+ Using Local STEM Research to Design Context-Specific Learning Experiences

We invite you to learn about Project Teams and each of this year's project ideas here: and if you're interested, use this form to apply to join a team!

Have questions or need help? Reach out to Lauren Baier (, Project Teams Lead.

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You can learn more about each project here:
2. Why do you want to join this team? What do you hope to get out of participating? What do you hope to contribute? *
There is no right or wrong answer. Our goal is to give the leaders a sense of your potential contributions and interest in this team so that they can craft a project plan and process that takes into account member goals and capacities. To that end, please make sure to share both what you hope to gain, and what you hope to contribute to this team.
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3A. To what extent, if any, does this project's work relate to your (or your organization's) existing work? *
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3B. Please explain: *
How, if at all, does this team align to your (or your organization's) goals? What will you be able to do as a result of participating in this team?
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6. Is there another team you are interested in joining if it doesn't work out to join the above team?
Optional. We'll be in touch with you directly if your first choice is unavailable. You can learn more about each project here:
7. All team members are expected to attend a full day in-person Kick-off meeting on Tuesday, January 23rd in New York City. Are you able to participate on this date? *
Project Teams will have access to funds to assist with travel costs. Keep in mind that we'll be convening for dinner the evening before the meeting. If you have space for up to 130 people and would be interested in hosting, please reach out to
8. All team members are expected to attend a full day in-person Mid-point meeting on April 11, 2018 at the second day of our Annual Summit at the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix. Are you able to participate on this date? *
Please hold this date in your calendar.
9. Anything else you’d like to share or ask about Project Teams?
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11. Which of the following collaboration tools are you comfortable using?
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12. We're wondering what other kinds of challenges folks in the network are interested in tackling through collaborative problem-solving approaches. If you have particular challenges come to mind, please share them!
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13. We’ve been investigating how Project Management relates to teachers’ needs and challenges in the classroom. Project Management connects to each theme across the grand challenges and is a skillset that would help teachers with planning and scheduling, setting goals, measuring success, and communicating with stakeholders. Would you be interested in a future collaborative opportunity to support teachers to gain and effectively utilize project management skills? *
Note that this is not related to this cycle of Project Teams and will not impact your participation in a team.
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