2021 SCA AGM Session Proposal Form
The Society of California Archivists (SCA) invites submissions of session proposals for our 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held online April 27-30, 2021.

The deadline for proposals is Sunday, November 15, 2020 (11:59p PT).

The Program Committee invites your submissions based on next year's theme "Diversity and Inclusion" as well as proposals on all aspects of archival practice and research, including:

-- Aspects of discrimination, equity and bias in staffing, collections and collection development, access and
-- Institutional responses to the current pandemic (including remote work and workspaces, remote access,
what is considered "essential," the effect on labor, etc.) and the effect of the pandemic on user services and
-- Labor and precarity
-- New technologies and tools
-- Archivists as Activists
-- Successes and failures in archival practices

First-time presenters, current graduate students, early-career professionals, lone arrangers, and other individuals who work with archival materials in less traditional or unconventional roles are encouraged to apply.

Presentations that are framed within archival theory and promote discussions that are more broadly applicable to a range of organizations/individuals will be given preference over sessions that simply discuss completed projects with narrow applicability. We strongly encourage presentations that are thought-provoking, inform decision-making, and/or advance thinking on archival topics!

Possible session types include:

-- Panel Discussion: Open session with a panel of three to four individuals informally discussing a variety of
theories or perspectives on the given topic(s).
-- Traditional: Open session with two to three fully prepared papers of fifteen minutes each and a comment
and discussion period after the papers.
-- Lightning Talk: Fast-paced open session with many concise papers presented under a tight time
limit, with details of the limit determined by the proposer.
-- Poster Presentation: A summary of your research, scholarly, or creative project in a visually
engaging manner. Presenters will be expected to be online at a specified time during the AGM to discuss the
poster with viewers.
-- Alternative Format: Don’t feel confined by the prescribed formats - suggest an alternative or
create your own! Sessions may take a variety of forms. We welcome your creative ideas about how your topic
might best be addressed.

The Program Committee will review all proposals and contact the session chair by mid-December 2020. All presenters are required to register for the AGM and may only participate in one session.

SCA is committed to making the AGM welcoming and accessible to all presenters and attendees. If you need specific accommodations to support your participation in this event, please contact the program committee chair.

Questions? Please contact the Program Committee Chair, Leilani Marshall, at lmarshall@sourisseauacademy.org
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