Alpha testing for Godhood
Thanks for your interest in this Alpha for Godhood! We are grateful that you're willing to spend your time on helping us improve its contents. We also understand that you're enthusiastic about getting to play around with a new game, but remember: this is an Alpha version. The game is far from complete and in many ways not quite functioning as a game yet. Still we're very curious towards your opinion and that's what this program is about: learning your initial impressions.

Please note, the Alpha is being distributed through Steam and for Windows only. You'll need a Steam account to participate. To gather feedback, we furthermore use the new Abbey Games community forum, so you'll also need an account over there. If you don't have one yet, you can use your Steam account to quickly make one.

To get access to the Alpha build, we'll need some of your personal info below. This may be a drag, but it's important and it shows us you're serious about this. If you agree with the Non Disclosure Agreement and get selected for participation, you'll get access to the Alpha forums, where you can find out how to access the Alpha build as soon as it's online. If you don't want to share your personal info or sign the agreement, that's totally okay, but in that case we can unfortunately not give you access to the Alpha.

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For this Alpha, it is required that you have a Abbey Games forum account on This is where we can discuss the Alpha in a private environment. When we have your username we still have to add the right permissions so you can enter the super secret Alpha forums. If you don't have an account yet, you can make one yourself right here:
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Non disclosure agreement
We're not fan of becoming this formal, but please understand that it will greatly hurt both Godhood and Abbey Games if any information or files leak out before the game is published as it will be that much harder to build anticipation for a successful release. We basically expect you to keep everything that you get access to (images, passwords, files, stories, etc.) to yourself. As an exception you may freely discuss everything in the closed Alpha discussion group and in private with both Abbey Games developers and other players of the Alpha version of the game. In fact, we expect you will do this, because this is why run this Alpha in the first place! We want to get your feedback and to allow you to discuss it among other players that are playing the Alpha as well.

To ensure that you won't disclose anything related to the Alpha outside of the group of people that is playing it or developing it, we need you to agree to the following non-disclosure agreement. Only then can we grant you access to the Alpha. This assures us that you will not share the code or contents of the Alpha without our express permission. Needless to say we will keep your info private, and not use it for anything but this agreement. Again, feel free to not sign it, but without a signed agreement, we can't share the Alpha with you.

Please copy the following text into the answer box below and add your info between the [brackets].

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Abbey Games, Churchilllaan 11, Utrecht, 3527 GV, The Netherlands, hereinafter, the 'Discloser', agrees with,

[YOUR NAME AND HOME ADDRESS HERE], hereinafter the 'Recipient'

The Recipient agrees to not spread any information given by the Discloser, including the game itself and derivative information such as, but not limited to, screenshots and information acquired legally regarding the given information, to second parties or the public, given that that information has not yet been broadcasted to the public by the Discloser itself. This means the Recipient cannot broadcast any information regarding the received information that is not yet broadcasted by Abbey Games, including the game, on any channel.

This agreement is effective immediately after receiving access to the Alpha forums.

Signed by: Joni van der Leeuw, Abbey Games

Signed by: [YOUR NAME HERE]

Agree to the NDA by copy-pasting the above text into the answer box with your info between the [brackets]: *
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Please check that your have copied the WHOLE text after the dashes (- - - - - - - -) and filled in your NAME and HOME ADDRESS at the top, and your NAME again at the bottom of the text *
By submitting this form, you allow Abbey Games to store and use your name, Steam username, forum username and email address for the sole purpose of enabling and communicating about the Godhood alpha tests. You also allow Abbey Games to store and use your home address and full name for the sole purpose of enforcing the Non-Disclosure Agreement in case of a breach. Information might be stored outside the EU. All the information in given in this form will be removed once the game is released. You can also contact us at any time to have this information removed. *
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