ECHS Basketball Cheer Tryout Packet 2019-2020
Please follow all directions. Failure to do so may make your application null and void. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. The tryout packet is not complete unless a PHYSICAL copy of all required athletic forms have been received. A completed application packet includes the following:*Application (electronic) *Teacher References (electronic) *Emergency Medical Form (notarized and signed copy) *GHSA Concussion Form (signed copy) *Hot Weather Form (signed copy) *Physical (Must be current and signed)
Basketball Cheer Program Expectations
The ECHS Basketball Cheer program is a well-known and respected group! We are extremely competitive and strive for excellence. We have received numerous accolades and invites on a state and national scale. For this reason, all members of the team are expected to demonstrate LEADERSHIP and GOOD CHARACTER at school as well as away from school. In addition to displaying a positive attitude, each girl will be held to the highest of academic expectations. The coaches are teachers at ECHS, therefore academic performance ranks high on our list of priorities.

Basketball Stomp & Shake Style Cheer Team: Established 2016-2017 school year. Stomp and Shake is a nontraditional cheer form that combines cheer and dance into one AMAZING art form. Team members must be in great athletic shape, coordinated, loud, and have personal zeal! Stomp and Shake is characterized by High kicks, high knees, Strong powerful arm movements, Syncopated rhythms, Character, Flare, Precision, and Dance. Off season physical training is in July. Season kickoff practice/performance begins August-February.The team supports ALL athletics but mainly ECHS basketball teams at home AND away games.

The ECHS Basketball Cheer Program is expected to be the best of the best and we will continue to uphold our reputation. Therefore, we must impose the following requirements:

Each team member must maintain passing grades.
Receiving a grade of a D or F:
If a cheerleader earns a D or F, he/she will receive 10 demerits. The cheerleaders are only allowed 20 demerits to remain on the team. If a cheerleader has a D or F in any class, he/she is expected to show progress in a two week time period. The coaches will require a new print out from the teacher. If improvement is not evident, the cheerleader will be placed on academic probation and will not be allowed to practice or perform until the next progress report is issued.
An athlete can lose eligibility due to poor grades.

Each team member must be fully devoted to the time and preparation it requires to be a part of our program. This preparation includes summer workout sessions, summer camp, fundraising, and team training.
Practices CAN be held 3-6 times a week from 3:30-9 p.m, depending on the need. All Athletes are expected to be at every practice. Prior arrangements MUST be made for each athlete to be picked up ON TIME! Athletes that are repeatedly left after practice times will receive 2 demerits/occurence.
Athletes are required to attend each performance/game whether they have been chosen to perform or not.
Athletes are required to attend all performances/games and competitions.

Poor behavior in school or out of school is equivalent to D’s and F’s in the eyes of the coaches. Therefore, the same rules will apply.
Athletes are expected to respect each other, the captains, and the coaches at all times including guest coaches.
Athletes are further expected to respect each employee and adult at ECHS or any place we travel.
Failure to meet these requirements will be met with strong disciplinary action up to and including suspension and/or expulsion from the squad. (5 demerits per occurrence) We wish to insure that each team member will provide positive leadership in the school. Please make sure you examine our demerit system CAREFULLY as it is a binding contract between each team member, parent, and coach.
Basketball Cheer Program Expectations Agreement
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