Module 02 – Analyzing Fictional And Dramatic Elements 
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On Story
How does the film stack up against the five characteristics of a good story?
How well are these films unified in plot or storyline? *
What makes each story credible? Pick out specific scenes to illustrate the kinds of truth that are stressed by the film:
a. objective truth, which follows the observable laws of probability and necessity *
b. subjective, irrational, and emotional inner truths of human nature *
c. the semblance of truth created by the filmmakers. *
What makes these films interesting? Where are their high points and their dead spots? What makes you bored by these film as a whole or by certain parts? *
Are simple formulas used in these films that allow you to predict the outcomes at the halfway point, or do they effectively maintain suspense until the very end? If the endings are shocking or surprising, how do they carry out the tendencies of the earlier parts of the story? *
Where in the films are implication and suggestion effectively employed? Where are the films simple and direct? *
Is the view of life reflected by these stories simple or complex? What factors influenced your answer? *
How honest and sincere are these films in their handling of emotional material? Where are the emotional effects overdone? Where is understatement used? *
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