The Catalyst Guild Pre-Accelerator Application
Please fill out the application below to be considered for our Pre-Accelerator program and to explore how we can help your company.

There is no cost for this program but if you, your team, and your company match our criteria and you feel we can add material benefit to you, then we will work with you to negotiate an agreeable and fair equity participation in your company.

If your dream is to start and run a company, then you know it won’t be easy. Getting the best team together, finding the right idea, identifying a viable business model, building your product or service, bringing it to market, then sustaining your company’s growth are all filled with challenges, unknowns, risks, and surprises.

Running a company can be a lonely endeavor. Believers are scarce while criticism, empty ideas, and detractors are many. Operating a business is more rewarding when there is meaningful forward momentum.

All businesses, new and established, experience roadblocks, setbacks, and unique challenges. Addressing issues early, quickly, and effectively will vastly raise the probability of success. The right Catalyst at the right time makes all the difference. A Catalyst can be a business connection, mentor, additional team member, effective distribution channel or revised strategy.

The Catalysts Guild ( ) is a Registered Benefit Corporation, a type of business entity which focuses on making a material difference in the world at every step of the decision-making process. We differ from traditional corporations in our persistent pursuit of higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency.
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