Eagle Residents Survey - February and March 2018 - InteGreat! Neighborhood Navigators
This survey is confidential. The information received will be compiled into a report to find out the needs of the residents of Eagle, Colorado. The time it will take you to complete this survey will not be more than 5 minutes. If you have any questions, please ask your Neighborhood Navigator.

The Navigators of the Neighborhood of InteGreat! is a group of community leaders who focus their work on the needs driven by the community since 2016.

In Eagle County there are three navigators working in different regions identifying needs, setting short and long-term goals, connecting people with resources and providing guidance on possible solutions to take action while working together with community partners.

If you would like to be part of our guest list to receive notification of events in the Eagle area, please provide an email or cell phone number, thank you.
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What is the area in Eagle where you currently reside? *
How long have you been living in the Eagle area? *
How many family members are in your home? *
How many people under 18 years old are members of your family? *
What kind of events would you like in Eagle? *
If events were offered for the Hispanic community, would you attend? *
If there was bus service in Town of Eagle, would you use it? *
What areas of Eagle do you need bus service? *
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Do you know the services offered by WECMRD / Eagle Recreation Center? *
Do you think that the prices of WECMRD activities are accessible to your family?
Have you heard anything about the new water plant in Eagle? *
Have you heard about the increase in the price of water in Eagle?
What needs does your family have that we can help you?
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What services does Eagle need to improve your life and your family's?
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