Mentee Assessment
This assessment will quickly define what areas you are deficient so we may address them to improve your consistency in extracting profits from the markets regardless of asset class.

If you have done ALL of these, I'd be happy to work with you to become a better trader.

My time is valuable and I'm a trader too. With that said, I trade during London session and I'm not available to answer questions at that time.

I ask that you be fully committed to this partnership between you and I. If you are, I'll see you on the other side!
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Name (first name, last name) *
What organization did you choose for your forex education? *
How many times have you watched the training videos in the back office? Did you take great notes? (Applies ONLY to members of Pip Society) *
How long have you been trading? *
What books on trading and psychology have you read? What are you currently reading? *
Do you have a trading plan in place? ***This is totally different from your trading criteria.*** What is your signature setup? *
How often do you markup your charts before trading? Please provide a marked up chart via link... *
Do you understand trading terminology and the acronyms used in discussion? *
Are you able to take constructive criticism and feedback? *
What are your strengths and weaknesses in regards to trading? This answer will let me know where we should start. *
Benefits of Trading One Pair
As you proceed through the mentorship you will be asked to follow one pair to study the behaviors of the market.
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