ALMOST HUMAN Street Team Application
Seeking readers willing to help the author by spreading the word about the ALMOST HUMAN books to their friends and on social media, by leaving reviews, sharing posts, etc. I’m also always open to feedback and ideas too! In return, I can offer AH bookmarks, sneak peeks into unreleased work, and some signed paperbacks!
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Have you read ALL of the currently released story? (either the 6 novels or the 21 novellas) If not - how far into the series are you? *
Have you ever posted online reviews for any books of the ALMOST HUMAN series? *
Do you have accounts with any of the following sites: *
Would you be willing/able to deliver bookmarks to friends, family and your local library or bookstore to be passed out or offered free on the counter (with store permission)? *
Do you prefer to read the shorter novella episodes of the story, wait for the longer novel, or it makes no difference? (Each novel is broken into 3 or 4 parts as the novellas) *
If given an advanced copy of a book for review, are you willing/able to read it and post a review in about a month? *
I hope you are excited to become part of the ALMOST HUMAN team! Please post any questions / comments below:
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