WI Health Care Workforce Innovations
For WCMEW's 2018 WI Workforce Report, we are collecting information regarding health care workforce innovations across Wisconsin. These success stories may include a variety of programs, policies, and partnerships: relationships developed between training institutions and health systems, hospitals, or clinics that serve a specific workforce need; unique training institution policies that support health care workforce development; incentives for rural and urban clinician practice; and others. By providing information in this form, you consent to inclusion of the topic in WCMEW's 2018 report, if selected.

The 2018 report will be aimed at WI health system leadership and policymakers. The publication will include data on regional supply and demand for workforce members, but sharing stories about successes can be especially compelling in demonstrating the need for continued innovation in addressing shortages. While the report will focus on physician workforce data, we believe that including details on initiatives across all types of clinicians further illustrates the need for cross-sector collaboration and strategic workforce planning.

Contact randrae@wcmew.org for more information. All responses must be submitted by February 23, 2018. See wcmew.org for more information about the Wisconsin Council on Medical Education and Workforce.

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Program or Institution Information
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Please provide a description of the program, policy, partnership, or other health care workforce innovation. Directing to a website or report would also be useful. WCMEW will reach out if more information is needed. Include: workforce problem seeking solution, how the initiative seeks to address the problem, and outcome data. Example: WisPACT is a Physician Assistant training initiative that aims to further develop WI's rural PA workforce by offering training tracks in North and North-central WI. The wisPACT track enrolls 12 PAs annually, and specifically targets recruits from rural WI or those with ties to rural communities. Contact wisPACT for more information including program operation, funding, and graduate retention data. *
Workforce Challenges and Goals
Why is a focus on health care workforce development important to you, or your organization? What are the challenges you're currently facing? How can a multi-stakeholder organization such as WCMEW help you to reach workforce goals?
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