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We have bold plans for 2022-23...
Since last year we have made good progress. We have hosted some fantastic in-person events, developed our workshop and expanded our message and branding. We look forward to going above and beyond building on all the fantastic progress that's been made so far.

Our biggest hopes for this year include:
- To build support within Cambridge for the creation of an insitiutional body to address misinformation and pseudoscience using academic contacts and a signed manifesto. 
- Continue to spread our message through exciting speakers events, workshops and our online prresence. 
- Exciting and involving as wide and diverse a community as possible among students within and outside Cambridge with a shared interest in these matters.
- Building bridges across student societies, not-for-profit organisations, academics, professionals, social media presences, online communities and universities (both Cambridge and across the UK).
- Creating educational and campaigning material based on content covered by our speakers and events.
- Repurposing workshop material for curriculum reform and engagement of local schools.
...and we want you to be a part of it.
We are pleased to be looking for new committee members for the upcoming year with an interest in taking a stance with us and continue to build a vision for our society together. Of course we expect and welcome scientists to be the bulk of our interest, but also we are very keen to actively engage humanities and professional students: future historians, geographers, philosophers, lawyers, policy makers and educators... We rely on multidisciplinary input to make this work and we want to hear from you.

Experience while welcome is not necessary. As a general guide, incoming students may feel more comfortable in administrative, publicity and social roles. More experienced students might want to consider leadership and organisational roles, while our graduate community may want to consider networking and advisory roles pertinent to your field.

We are strong believers of an informal structure where each member is given freedom to play to their strengths. The only things we expect are commitment, openness and a willingness to learn. A final note to say if you anticipate any difficulties in terms of existing commitments or special requests, do let us know below and we will try to find you a role or arrangement that works best for you. The bottom line is if you are excited by what we are trying to do, we want you in our team.
And who exactly are we?
We are Students Against Pseudoscience – found in 2020 during the COVID crisis. It arose when when a group of friends were discussing the noticeable and sudden uptick in dangerous misinformation and pseudoscience being disseminated online. 

There are many societies with an interest in global health, climate science, behavioural science, politics, policy and philosophy, which of course do hold events of shared interest. However, we are solely focused on exploring the nature of misinformation and how science is misrepresented and misunderstood.

We believe in the value of listening and empathising with individuals who have come to different conclusions with respect. We hope to create a society which doesn’t take a rude or haughty position towards those we hope to persuade, whilst still maintaining a robust, persuasive and uncompromising defence of scientific and logical principles.

We have yet been able to find another student-run initiative on misinformation, communication and skepticism, across the UK and internationally. Our primary aim, therefore, is on opening up this discourse and empowering future scientists and humanists alike with multidisciplinary knowledge and skills to tackle this challenge of our lifetime. We know there has never been a better time for this and we hope you can be a part of this new movement.

Find out more via our website.
Our Manifesto
This year we are keen to crate institutional change here at Cambridge and a big part of that is to show that that there is a strong level support in Cambridge to address the pseudoscience crisis. You can read and sign our manifesto here.
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