Hello, and thank you for your interest in commissioning your very own Cool Friend artwork!
Please fill out this quick form to provide all the information I'll need about your commission. I will try to respond within two weeks of submission--feel free to follow up or nudge me after that point, but please not before!

Pricing is determined by the demands of your request and my availability/workload. In general, I charge from $25 - $100 USD for custom requests.

I don't have an "official" policy regarding content modetation, but I reserve the right to refuse any request and/or issue a full refund for any reason.

Please direct all commission requests to this form. For other inquiries, send me an email at

- CF/Cool Friend/realcoolfriend/Sacha
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What kind of drawing are you looking for? Please make sure to include as much information as possible about what you'd like!

- Do you have a specific style in mind? "Something similar to Adventure Time/Dr. Seuss/this drawing you made/etc"

- If you have any specific references for characters/people/pets, outfits, props, environments, etc, please provide a link.

- Any other details you'd like to see! (Camera angle, positioning, expression, etc)

- I invite you to take a look at some of my previous work at to get a sense of the kinds of projects I tend to take on!
Please review the following terms before proceeding: *
- ONE HALF of the agreed-upon payment will be due upon approval of the thumbnail/sketch image(s)

- Once I have received payment and approval for the thumbnail/sketches, work will begin on the full-scale final image. I'll send you preview images as the work progresses, and you'll have an opportunity to make changes before I move to the next stage of the drawing. Once final approval is given for each preview, any further requests for edits to that step will be considered at my discretion.

- The REMAINING HALF of payment will be due upon reciept of the final image(s)
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