Geo Tools: Classroom Projects & Feedback
The Geo Education Outreach team is actively looking for projects and examples on how Google's Geo tools are being used by educators and students in the classroom today. We would love to hear from you! We hope to share these stories on our website and use them to influence product development.

We are also seeking feedback on Geo tools : "How can they be improved to be more useful in an education use case?"

Please note, we are collecting your email address. In the case that we would like to highlight your classroom project, story, or quick tip on our website, the Geo Edu Outreach team will email you directly for permission prior to any public posting.

In the case you are sharing feature ideas or reporting problems, we cannot promise that they will be implemented or fixed, but it does help inform us of how we can better build our tools for the classroom.

If you are keen to get semi-regular updates from the Geo Edu Outreach Team about our tools, please sign up for the following mailing list @

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