Lititz Borough Shade Tree Permit Application
For trees within a few feet of the sidewalk.
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Planting Reimbursement and Installations Requirements
1. Trees approved for planting must be at least 2 inches in diameter 6'' above the ground, have a sound, clean trunk, a symmetrical head and well-defined leader, and a well-developed fibrous root system undamaged by careless digging.

2. Pits for the planting of trees shall be ample size to receive the entire root system without cramping or bending. Any hardpan encountered shall be thoroughly loosened before refilling hole with good topsoil mixed with peat moss.

3.Tree guards or a stake or stakes of sufficient thickness and length should be used to protect newly planted trees from winds and pedestrians, and are preferable to guying with wires through rubber hose. Stakes 2"X 2' X 8'.

* Information on how to plant your trees can be found here:

4. Trees newly planted shall be so pruned as to remove excessive branches and twigs to compensate for root loss in digging. The main stem or leader shall not be cut nor the form of the three destroyed.

5. Newly planted trees shall be kept well-watered during the first two years by frequent soakings as the weather demands

6. No tree shall be planted within 30 feet of the intersection of curb lines.

7. Newly planted trees shall have branching no closer than 5 feet above grade.

8. The standard rebate per planted tree is $500.

9.To qualify for the street tree reimbursement program a homeowner will need to submit the proposed street tree species and location to Lititz Borough for review and approval. If the Borough approves the street tree the homeowner will need to comply with the regulations noted above in the Lititz Borough Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and those listed in the Shade Tree Ordinance ( A receipt(s) for all expenses associated with the street tree planting, removal and/or replacement must be submitted by the homeowner to the Borough for review. When the Borough receives the receipt(s) from the homeowner the street tree installations will be inspected to confirm it is the approved species, location, and meets the requirements noted above prior to reimbursement. Reimbursement typically will be completed upon inspection of the planted tree. It should be noted that for trees planted in the summer, reimbursement typically occurs in the fall.
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