Steppe Sisters Small Grants Application Form

Use this form to apply for the Steppe Sisters Small Grants Program 2023. Please note that you will need to fill this out in one session. Unfortunately, you are not able to save the form and return to it later. However, you will see all of the questions here on this page, and we have made it as easy as possible to apply. 

This funding comes from our Humboldt grant and can be used for direct research expenses (radiocarbon dating, fieldwork), open access fees for publications in open access journals, and conference attendance or support for continuing education, such as travel and visa fees. We want to support your career and research, and therefore we will prioritise projects that the applicant is the leader or sole applicant. The grant is not meant for large team projects for which the applicant is not the lead researcher.

****UPDATE: After feedback from a number of people, we have decided to institute a rolling decision policy! This means that applicants will hear the outcomes of their submissions much earlier, and will enable them to plan for the current field season and access travel for the new academic year. It will work like this: 

Applications received from June 15 - July 1 will be evaluated and decisions sent out by July 15

Applications received from July 1 - July 15 will be evaluated and decisions sent out by August 1

Applications received from July 15- July 30 will be evaluated and decisions sent out by August 15

We hope to make this process as painless as possible, but there are some essential requirements

  1. You must be a member of Steppe Sisters, whether on Facebook or part of our mailing list

  2. You must spend the money by June 2024

  3. You must report back with a written report and photos that we can publish on our website and in our social media channels

  4. You must attend our Annual General Meeting in October (online is okay) to make a short 5 to 10 minute presentation on your project.

  5. The funds cannot be used for expenses already incurred.

  6. We will prioritise students, postgrad students, early career researchers, those based in Central Asia, and unwaged.

Unfortunately, we cannot support scholars claiming a Russian institutional affiliation due to limitations that we have inherited from our funders (the Humboldt Foundation). If this is you, please get in contact with us at to discuss your situation.

We will process and hold your data according to GDPR and you can read our privacy policy here
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Current city and country of residence (e.g. Tashkent, Uzbekistan) *
Please confirm that you are either a member of the Steppe Sisters Facebook group or a member of the mailing list and meet the criteria for membership. (This will be confirmed before the grants are awarded).  *
Please confirm that you understand that your name, photo and project details will be shared on social media and that you will be required to attend our Annual General Meeting online via Zoom or in person in October 2023.  *
Project Title *
Short (200 words) description of your project *
Short (200 - 500 word) description of how this grant will help your career.

This is the most important question! Please be as specific as possible.  
Do you have any other funding? (Scholarships, grants, etc?) *
Please provide a short list of how you would spend the money. Please use euros. You can convert amounts to euros using a site such as this

For example: 
*Return flight to Astana from Tashkent: 150 euros
*Hotel for five nights in Tashkent: 100 euros
*Food and travel expenses for six days: 60 euros
Will this grant allow you to take a 'first' step? 

If so, please tell us! For example, your first research trip, your first conference, etc. 
Finally, please confirm that this grant money will be used to help you, the applicant, directly, and not used for larger team projects of which you are a part.  *
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