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Please fill in your details before downloading the template which we need with other photos to prepare your free design and quote. You will also be able to choose an option to receive printed templates if you prefer and don't mind waiting.
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In order to produce your floorplan you will be required to take measurements in your own choice of unit mm, cm, M, inches or feet. We only need an accuracy +/- 5cm or 2 inches because we will check prior to manufacture. Do you have a tape measure and feel confident to do this?
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After submitting this form you will see a link to download our template. Would you prefer us to post you some printed templates on paper?
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After submitting this form you will be prompted to download our template to produce a floorplan. Please email a photo of your floorplan and photos of your room and any other information which may be helpful to: info@bucksbedrooms.uk We look forward to preparing a free design and quote from your plan and photos. Offer subject to being within 25 miles of Aylesbury. You may add any questions or comments below.
Your contact details are requested solely for the purpose of offering you our design and estimate. Unless you specify otherwise, we will NOMALLY contact you only by EMAIL. Are there any methods of contact we should not use? (We respect your time and do not engage in automated contact campaigns.)
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