Standards in crosslinking mass spectrometry
9th Symposium on Structural Proteomics,
November 3-6, 2019
Gottingen, Germany
What is valuable to others from crosslinking mass spectrometry experiments?
What do peers require in order to learn, assess and reanalyse from published crosslink studies? What do structural / computational / systems biologists want? What other fields (e.g. molecular / cell biologists) have to gain and thus may want?
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What of a crosslinking mass spectrometry experiment can and should be standardised?
This might include: Experiment design, data acquisition, data processing, data reporting
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Where is action needed?
Points to consider could include: Public repository, metadata, result formats, FDR standards, contacts to other communities or specific resources
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What information do you think is essential in a dataset deposition?
If you had to name one detail to be added to a standardised file format for crosslinking mass spectrometry, what would it be?
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In what way do you think accepted standards in crosslinking can be established?
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Any other comments or suggestions?
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