Meatworks Customer Feedback
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Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements.
1) Making bookings was simple and straightforward.
2) Bookings were available to suit me.
3) Cut Sheets are easy to understand and complete, and/or I was given adequate assistance completing them.
4) Invoice and Yield Report are easy to understand and are helpful.
5) Meatworks is conveniently located and easy to find.
6) Drop-off and pick-up were made easy.
Animal Care
7) The barn was well maintained and ventilated.
8) Animals are well cared for in the holding barn.
9) I believe that animals are handled with care throughout.
10) Products are prepared and handled with care and in the most hygienic conditions.
11) My animals are positively identified as mine throughout.
12) Products were neatly butchered and as specified by the cut sheet.
13) All products were properly packaged and sealed.
14) Labels were accurately described and attached.
15) I received the amount of product I expected.
16) Product quality and presentation was to my expectation.
17) My customers have given me good feedback.
18) Meatworks is good value.
19) I intend to use Meatworks as my primary processor.
20) I would recommend Meatworks to other producers.
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