Homecoming 2020 - Feb 7th & 8th Celebrating 120 Years
This form is provided so that we may prepare for your anticipated arrival, February 7 -8. The form below will give you an overview of planned activities. The questions with a red asterisk are necessary. Please respond to other questions that apply. Thank you for helping by responding. Preparing for approximately 400 people is a HUGE undertaking. If you have questions, please call at 903-589-7143 or email jgalyean@jacksonville-college.edu. Can't wait to see you!
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What is the last year you attended Jacksonville College? Please complete. This is very helpful information. Example: 1980
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Please enter the email address that you use. Please use complete email format. This is the source for seasonal e-letters, Our primary source of information Ex. jaguar@pretend.com
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Based on my year of attendance/graduation or preference, I would be associated with the following chapter of the alumni association.
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Spouse- if attending
Please enter spouse's name, if attending (Include maiden name if applicable). If spouse is an alumni, please designate. It will not be necessary to enter a separate form for spouse.
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Others attending homecoming with you
Please provide name and relationship of others attending. Ex. name - child, name - friend
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I would like to take part in the Alumni Luncheon on Friday, February 7.
Please enter total number of participants in your party. Lunch begins at 11:30 and concludes at 1:00. Primarily for the year of the 0's reunions, but all are welcome. Donation requested - $5 minimum suggested.
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Alumni Reception - 6:00 p.m. Friday - FBC Jacksonville - Please enter number attending.
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Purple and Gold Breakfast with College President - Dr. Smith - 8:00 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 8th. Please enter total number in your party attending. ($5 minimum donation per person)
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I would like to take part in my chapter luncheon on Saturday, February 8, at noon.
Please make plans to attend your chapter luncheon. The majority of your classmates will be participating in these events. After the luncheon, approximately three hours is available for fellowship.
Activities and Organizations
Please select all activities/organizations in which you were involved.
Alumni groups from the 0's are invited to perform during celebration activities on Friday evening or at the appropriate luncheons. Please select all that apply: Year, type of ensemble, preferred availability .example - 1956 quartet - Friday. Alumni are invited to take part in the tradition Hallelujah Chorus on both Friday evening and Saturday a.m. general meetings.
Athlete-Cheerleader recognition
Please select all designations that apply. Ex. 1960 Men's Basketball
Need more information? Call 903-589-7143 or email jgalyean@jacksonville-college.edu
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