Tarot Image/Word Associations
Whether you are completely unfamiliar with the tarot or know the meanings or images of the Rider-Waite tarot by heart, you can complete this survey in which you view tarot card images and note your word associations of them.

Survey is open until January 2nd, 2018. As there are 78 tarot cards and the idea is to write a word association for each, please allow yourself some time (20+ minutes) to complete the survey in full.

My name is Marilyn Roxie. I'm an MA student at Manchester Metropolitan University gathering data for a digital artwork linking tarot imagery with word associations. The data collected in this form will be utilized in the final artwork, either where an interactive play between the images and mixture of intuitive and traditional meanings in word clouds will come together, or in the form of a Twitter bot utilizing words to generate tarot reading interpretations. The project will culminate with availability on the web and inclusion in an exhibition at Manchester Metropolitan University in February 2018. There may be some updates to the structure of the project as it goes along.

Special thanks to Sacred Texts and Holly Voley's public domain 1909 images of Pamela Colman Smith's art of the Rider-Waite tarot which appears in this survey and will appear in the final artwork. These can be viewed in context at http://www.sacred-texts.com/tarot/xr/index.htm

Preliminary Questions
How would you rate your familiarity with the imagery of the Rider-Waite tarot? *
Completely unfamiliar
I know them by heart
How would you rate your familiarity with the meanings and keywords of the Rider-Waite tarot? *
These could be meanings derived from the 'little white book 'included with the deck, external reference books, tutorials, classes, etc.
Completely unfamiliar
I know them by heart
Have you done tarot card readings for yourself or others? *
If you have done tarot card readings before, have you ever utilized an intuitive meaning rather than a standard interpretation? *
This intuitive meaning could be derived from the imagery or name of the card, a gut-feeling, etc.
I consent to have my answers included in Marilyn Roxie's Tarot Image/Word Associations artwork. *
If you do not consent to have your responses included, please exit the survey.
Optional: If you wish to receive an email update about the final data and artwork, you may provide your e-mail address below.
This update will come mid- to late-January, 2018. Your email address or name will not be associated with your answers on this survey in any way.
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Optional: List your name for special thanks
You may list your name here if you wish to be credited in a special thanks accompanying the artwork. Your email address or name will not be associated with your answers on this survey in any way.
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