School Uniform Consultation Parents.
Following recent discussion with the governing body, we wish to consult with you on the proposal to make the wearing of school uniform compulsory at Gwaunfarren Primary School. There is no law about school uniforms, but every school in Wales can decide whether or not pupils have to wear them.

It’s important that all children and young people are treated fairly when it comes to school uniform.

In line with Welsh Government:

We think everyone should be able to afford school uniform.
We think everyone should be able to find school uniform easily.
We believe school uniform should be fair for all pupils.
We think if it’s too hot or too cold, pupils should be able to change their school uniform.

Copies of documentation from Welsh Government relating to school uniform can be found via the links below.

School Uniform Consultation:

Draft Statutory Guidance on School Uniform:

Our current school uniform and appearance policy can be found via the school website.

In brief:
Our current school colours are red and white.

Our school uniform includes:
• a white polo shirt or round neck t-shirt
• a red sweat shirt, jumper or cardigan
• grey or black trousers, long shorts, skirts or dresses
• red and white summer dresses
• appropriate and safe footwear – no heeled shoes

For Physical Activities it includes:
• a white round neck t-shirt
• grey or black jogging bottoms or shorts
• appropriate footwear – trainers or daps

There is no expectation that items have the school badge as we aim to make uniform as affordable as possible. We are not currently planning on changing the school uniform, but are merely consulting on making it compulsory.
Do you think that the wearing of school uniform in Gwaunfarren should be made compulsory? *
Are you happy with the current school uniform choices overall? *
Would you like the school uniform choices be open to consultation in the future (i.e. changing what the uniform consists of)? *
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