Brantwood Camp Junior/Middle Counselor Interest Form 2024
Thank you for your interest in joining us on Staff for Summer 2024 at Brantwood Camp! Please review the following details about employment with Brantwood Camp before completing the form. Email any questions or concerns to ! Thank you!

****This form is for interested parties between 16-17 years or older. There is a separate form for 18+ & Senior/Support Staff *****

Summer 2024 Dates:
Ropes & Lifeguard Training June 14 - 17
Full Staff Training June 19 - 27
Term 1 June 29 - July 13
Term 2 July 16 - July 30
Term 3 & Staff Closing August 2 - August 19
Family Camp August 29 - September 1 (Family Camp dates may adjust)

Job Expectations:
  • $1,200-$1,500 for the summer, depending on experience 
  • Payment at the end of each term (including at the end of Staff Training)
  • Bonuses available based on certifications, trainings, etc
  • Free Room & Board and food provided (In cabin counselors will live in with their campers during the term, and you will have also counselor housing to enjoy during breaks/time off)
  • Ropes & Lifeguard training offered free during training or repayment for training passed off site (restrictions apply)
Time Requirement:
  • May work as In Cabin Counselors with weekly opportunities for time off as morning blocks, afternoon blocks, and evenings off.
  • On Site working through Staff Training and through the entire length of each Term with 2-3 days off in between terms
  • Will help offer support to Permanent Counselors with program & covering time off/cabins
  • May run activities, assist with field trips and offer general support
  • Can also work in the Kitchen supporting Chefs with dishes, cleaning, light prep, etc
Basic Info:
  • Brantwood Camp's program includes regular high energy physical activities including: hiking, swimming, sports, nature walks, and just general movement across campus
  • Limited access to technology due to rustic nature of our facilities and responsibilities with campers
  • Brantwood Camp has been around since 1904, and serves under resourced campers from urban areas across the Northeast
  • There are two distinct camps, Boys & Girls, that exist on the same property but as separate programs
  • There are Senior & Junior cabins on both camps that are based on median camper ages
  • Brantwood offers a highly physical program that focuses on each cabin earning points towards a B Jersey through showcases of Inspection (cleanliness around camp, within each cabin, and individually), Spirit, & Athletics. There are Five Ideals (Good Sportsmanship, Loyalty, Honesty, Unselfishness, Cooperation) that are the focal point of the program, and a series of challenges that test and earn campers new skills and knowledge 
  • Silver Lake is our waterfront property that is visited during a term, and is a time where campers and staff do sleep in tents outside. Otherwise, all time on camp is in structured rustic buildings
  • Junior & Middle Counselors work with the Permanent Staff to give the campers an incredible, fun, and safe camp experience! This support includes covering time off, running games/program, participating in activities, supporting campers with Challenge completion, and can also include working in the Kitchen with our Chef team.  

Next Steps:
  • Within a week of completing this form, Amy Boyd, our Executive Director, will send out next steps! Questions or concerns can be sent to !
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