Be a YxYY005 volunteer!
Thank you for volunteering! It is so very YES!

Volunteer Opportunities:

1. Swag Bag stuffing & Registration setup
Arriving on Thursday? Help us with Thursday night swag bag stuffing & registration setup.
Club House, first floor. 8:00pm-10:00pm
Bonus: you get a sneak peek at all the awesome stuff going in your bags.

2. Registration
Want to meet EVERYONE on your first day? Join us for Friday event registration:

2a. Club House, first floor. Shifts between 12:30pm-5:30pm
Help us greet & check in all the unique cast of characters that are your fellow YxYYers! Hand out t-shirts & swag bags

2b. It's a party in a party. Keep the Registration party going at the party. Get the late arrivals set up with their registration & swag as they arrive at the Welcome Cocktail Party.
Commune Lawn. 7:30pm-8:30pm

3. Greeters
Do you know when to hug 'em and when not to hug 'em? Greet your fellow Yaysayers Burning Man style as they arrive on Friday. Make them feel welcome with a hug or a high five and point them in the right direction.
Right outside the Hotel Lobby front doors. Shifts between 12:30pm-6:30pm.

4. Ambassador of Yes!
Are you a YxYY veteran and good with people? Become an Ambassador of Yes and help us make the landing and entry to YxYY as smooth as possible for newcomers.
(Details are still forming but you'll be added to a special task force. It will entail some communication before the event and participation throughout the weekend, particularly in the first 24 hours. Be prepared to be matched up with some Newbies on the first day to show them the ropes, introduce them to folks and answer any questions. Throughout the weekend, you can check in with them to ensure they're in the groove and keep your eye out for anyone looking lost.)

We also may send out calls for spontaneous help throughout the weekend in our #005-volunteers YesAndCommunity Slack channel.

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Registration opens at 1:00 in the first floor of the Club House. First shift starts at 12:30 for training. Each shift starts 30 minutes before end of prior shift for a smooth hand-off. PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR YOUR SHIFT. Thank you!


Greet your arriving Yaysayers with a hug or high five then point them in the right direction. YOU are their first impression of YxYY. Make it a good one!
Pick your Greeter time slot(s)
First shift reports to Clubhouse for instructions. Subsequent shifts report to carport in front of hotel lobby. Each shift will train the next! PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR YOUR SHIFT. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE UNTIL YOUR SHIFT HAS BEEN RELIEVED BY THE NEXT SHIFT. Thank you! (Note: This is an outdoor shift, but shaded. There'll be a water station and you can always pop into the lobby for a quick hit of air con)
4. Ambassador of Yes!
Must have attended YxYY previously, grok the Yes ethos, and be intimately familiar with "How to Say Yes" ( and our Code of Conduct (
Do you wanna?
Which YxYY years have you attended?
Are you itching to do even more to help the YxYY crew pull this off?
Share your thoughts & we'll see if there's a fit with a need. Also, thanks for being so helpful.
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