2018-19 BUCHHOLZ Student Climate Survey
2018-2019 Student Climate Survey
Students feel welcome and accepted at this school. *
The rules in this school are fair and consistent. *
Students in our school follow school rules. *
I am excited about coming to school. *
I feel safe at my school. *
My classmates show respect to each other. *
Students at my school treat teachers with respect. *
It is important for me to do well in school. *
In my classes we are expected to be problem-solvers. *
I enjoy learning. *
I am encouraged to be creative in my classes. *
Students at my school have chances to work with other students while learning. *
My schoolwork makes me think about things in different ways. *
When I need extra help, my teachers assist me. *
The people in this school encourage me to do my best. *
My teacher(s) present information clearly. *
My teacher(s) know how I learn best. *
My school work will be useful to me in the future. *
Adults at this school care about students. *
Adults at my school treat all students with respect. *
Our school appreciates and celebrates diversity.
If you could change one thing about your school, what would you change to make it better? Explain.
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