nerdNYC Recess October 2011 Survey
Please help us out by answering these few questions. We are always striving to make Recess a great experience for all!
Did you attend Recess on October, 8th 2011? *
Did you fill out a survey? *
Where did you hear about Recess?
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What types of games do you most enjoy? (feel free to check more than one)
What did you enjoy MOST about your Recess experience?
What did you enjoy LEAST?
What games did you play?
What did you like OR dislike about the games you played?
Would you come to Recess again?
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If you have participated in Recess before, did you find the ticket game signup system to be better or worse than the stand on line method? Why?
Do you have any suggestions for a future Recess theme?
What game(s) would you like to see at a future Recess?
Occasionally we try to have special events like discussion panels and the "Cthulhu for Chairty" events. What other kind of special events would you like to see at a future Recess?
If you were a GM/Game Organizer, did you have any problems running your game? If so, what were they? Was the staff able to resolve it?
If you had any problems running your game, was the staff able to resolve them?
If you were a GM/Game Organizer, are there any changes you would like to see to make running games easier or more fun?
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